No more than two in one hand: Apple has limited iPhone sales

Although Chinese production is already recovering from an outbreak of coronavirus, Apple introduced

restrictions on the purchase of smartphones.

What's the matter

On the official website, companies do not sell more than two iPhones in one hand: you can choose only one or two copies.

Moreover, the restrictions apply only when buying one model, regardless of color and modification. This means that, for example, you can easily buy two iPhone 11 and two iPhone 11 Pro.

At first, the limit was introduced in the USA, and now restrictions also apply in Europe and Asia (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore).

What is the reason - company representatives do notThey say, but a similar situation was in 2007. Then Apple limited sales of the original iPhone to prevent speculators from buying smartphones and selling them more expensive. Perhaps now the reason is similar, but it is possible that the company was faced with a shortage of supplies from China due to the coronavirus.

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