No need for barbers anymore: a hair clipper with a rear view camera has been developed

Technological progress has threatened the representatives of another profession. So, a new machine for

haircuts equipped with a rear view camera can eliminate the need to go to the barbershop.

The device was found in the vastness of Indiegogo.It was developed by the American startup VULFE INC. Outwardly, the novelty resembles an ordinary typewriter, but through the camera it helps a person to cut himself without the help of a barber. It is noted that the image from the camera is transmitted to the user's smartphone thanks to a special application.

Interestingly, in the corresponding applicationthere is a library with video tutorials from professional barbers, with the help of which you can make yourself the desired hairstyle at home. The CutCam has a battery life of 1.5 hours. The set includes a bag, a set of attachments, a hairbrush, and a power adapter. Priced the CutCam at $ 139.

Source: indiegogo