No steering wheel or pedals, but safer than Tesla: details and timing of Apple's drone revealed

Although Apple officially ignores the topic of electric vehicles and autopilot in every possible way, in fact, within the walls of the IT giant with might and main

are working on their own project in this area.

Another portion of leaks appeared on the networkthanks to our colleagues at Bloomberg. They not only described the plans of Tim Cook's company regarding the key features of their own drone, but also told when to expect the announcement and release of the new product.

So, for example, Apple decided to speed upproduction of electric vehicles. To achieve the goal, they even decided to "reorient" the project, immediately releasing a drone, jumping over the stage of a car with the ability to control a driver.

The latter implies that the iPhone manufactureris seriously considering the option of abandoning the steering wheel and pedals - only artificial intelligence will be able to control the vehicle.

This is what the interior of an Apple car might look like.

It is also reported that the drone projectled by Kevin Lynch - his company led the autonomous car division in September. At the same time, the main work on creating a chip for a car has already been completed - the SoC, as noted in Bloomberg, almost entirely consists of neural blocks.

Apple wants to make the conditional Apple Car safer than solutions from Tesla and Waymo (owned by Google). At the same time, the release of the project is scheduled for 2025.

Source: Bloomberg