Nokia 7 Plus and other brand smartphones work for China?

When a device, including a smartphone, is caught sending data to servers that are not specified by

manufacturer, and is not documented itselfsending data, the first thing on everyone's mind is always data theft and user tracking. An international scandal almost erupted in Finland when Nokia smartphones were caught sending data to an unknown server in China.

What happened

Errors in software and applications are not so rareAnd this is a working situation, but not all mistakes are so harmless, and some can lead to international scandals, the focus of which was HMD Global the other day. The fact is that 7 Plus smartphones are unauthorized without the user's request to send data to a Chinese server. And, of course, it gave rise to many theories, and raised the main theory - the conspiracy. And the server turned out to be the property of China Telecom, which whipped up fears, since this company is fully controlled by the state. And when the investigation began, it turned out that no company takes responsibility because it does not recognize ownership of the server. So who owns this server in China (where everything is only public) and collects all the data?

One of the users told about the networkactivity of your smartphone, always on. Putting a sniffer, the user set the data sending address, and found out what data is being sent. At the same time noted that the data are in clear text, unencrypted. HMD Global acknowledged that it is necessary to encrypt, but does not recognize data theft. According to the company, it’s just a software failure, it’s just that the smartphone is trying to activate, but the data is not sent there, to another country. The error was allegedly fixed, and updates were sent to everyone.

However, many questions remained. What is this server, why is it, this is not just a common grid, but a specific server that cannot be found by the owner. In general, the Finnish authorities are ready to start an investigation.