Nokia BH-805: TWS headphones with active noise canceling for 99 euros

HMD Global has announced its new fully wireless headphones in Europe.

What is known


named Nokia BH-805 and these are the first headphonescompanies that have received Active Noise Cancellation support. The technology suppresses noise up to 25 dB. Also, Nokia BH-805 received a vacuum design, 13mm drivers, IPX5 protection and a "transparency" mode, which, on the contrary, increases the surrounding sounds. The headphones are powered by a 45 mAh battery. The charging case contains a 400 mAh battery. This volume should be enough for up to 20 hours of listening to music (without ANC). The case is charged via the USB-C port.

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Price and when to wait

Nokia BH-805 has already appeared in Austria, Germany andSwitzerland with a price tag of 99 euros. By the way, there is a similar headphone model in India and China, but there the devices are manufactured under license from Flipkart and Richgo, respectively.

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Source: Nokia

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