Nokia push button phone on Android

Some people nostalgically remember their last push-button mobile phone, which they

After buying a smartphone, it is unlikely that anyone will want toto return to the use of a regular mobile phone, so, purely nostalgic.the same push-button phone, but in fact a real Android smartphone, but only with a keyboard and a small screen?

Push-button phones do not let go

A photo was posted online thatreceived from an unnamed source. The image shows a device resembling a Nokia brand mobile phone, but running Android OS. The screen, apparently, is touch-sensitive, but the main control is exercised using the D-pad, physical keys on the keyboard and other physical buttons. The description says that this mobile phone is a creation of Nokia. On a small screen at the top of it there is a microphone icon, which is very similar to the Google icon. It is unclear whether the phone works with Google Assistant, or is it just a voice query in a normal search. At the bottom of the small screen there are icons for the camera, browser, and YouTube video service (the latter assumes that the video will be displayed normally on such a small screen). There are also icons with unknown functionality, but surely one of them takes the user to the list of installed applications.

The phone as part of the connection got prettyadvanced solution and boasts an LTE modem for operation in fourth generation cellular networks. The status bar of the connection is on the screen, as well as the battery icon and signal level. At the bottom, you can open notifications, select an application, or go to the settings section. Notifications will open as the curtain works in a regular smartphone. For the phone is even made silicone case.

Back to the Future

What is remarkable, Android was originallydeveloped as an operating system for mobile phones without a touch screen. But when the first iPhone was introduced 12 years ago, the Android developers quickly reoriented their operating system, and now this OS works on smartphones with touchscreen displays.

This phone has one advantage oversmartphones, the fact is that a small screen does not require a lot of energy, therefore, the autonomy of the device increases significantly. Also one of the advantages of this mobile phone can be its price tag. In this case, the gadget supports some popular applications, it is already known that you can surf the Internet, you can watch videos on YouTube, take photos. Surely, there is still a built-in application for communication, such as a simple messenger and so on.

Currently, the rights to the Nokia brand belong toHMD Global (in any case, it will be another five years). Two years ago, they revived the Nokia 3310, which at one time was the best-selling one with a sales volume of 126,000,000 units. In the revived version, there appeared a 2.4-inch high-quality color display, a camera with a sensor of 2 megapixels and a microSD card receiver. The 1200 mAh battery in the phone provides autonomy of several days.

Who will be interested in such a phone? For those who are looking for a cheap backup option, which is not a pity to hire or go fishing. The Android system will allow you to install the necessary applications to be in touch through various channels, and charging it will not be necessary for quite some time.