Nokk and Warden in action: everything you need to know about the new operatives of the Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft shared detailed information about the new operatives that will appear in Rainbow Six Siege with the release of Operation

Phantom Sight. In previous publications, the developers said that this season will look into the game Nyokk and Sentinel. Now, Ubisoft has revealed more details about their gadgets, as well as advantages and disadvantages on the battlefield.


As stated in the leaks, James Bond localThe spill got “smart glasses” that help you see through the smoke and give immunity to blinding grenades. The guardian can use the device's functions for a limited time, so running around the card with the included protection against flash drives will not work. Nevertheless, the battery of points recharges with time and can be used an infinite number of times during a battle.

Ubisoft noted that glasses work better whenThe guard does not move, so it is wise to choose the position when using the gadget. Also it is necessary to be afraid of the devices Thatcher and IQ, which can turn off the device or detect it, knowing the position of the Guard.


In the arsenal of Nyokk there is a gadget thatmakes it invisible to cameras and drowns out the tramp during walking. Unlike the Guardian points, the operative device does not require recharging after each use, but at the same time it has a limited charge per round.

In stealth mode, normal cameras will not benotice gnocchi, but lag can give out her presence. As long as Gnocca goes at normal speed, sneaks, changes weapons, or reloads, it remains invisible to cameras. If the operative wants to run or do another “non-standard action”, the gadget will begin to lag, giving out her presence. You can also detect Gnocca by the interference from the Mozzy and Echo cameras, or with the help of a mine, a Lision operative, which will force the gadget to lag because of the damage from the spikes.

Both operatives will be available to the owners of Year 4 Pass on the day of release, and the other players will be able to buy fighters for in-game currency seven days after launch.