Norm Glasses: Augmented reality glasses are better than Google’s

The first AR headset, which looked like regular glasses, appeared seven years ago, and the manufacturer was

Google company.However, Google Glass never became widespread; it was tested for a long time, came out in limited edition, and then disappeared altogether. It was rumored that the technology was blocked by the military and used for their own purposes. Then there were many attempts to create something similar, so that there was augmented reality, and so that it did not look like a helmet. And so the Norm Glasses project was launched on the crowdfunding platform, the authors promise that in six months truly massive glasses with augmented reality support will appear on the market. And the device will look like regular glasses.

First mass


The Human Capable team that developed the firstAR consumer points, began collecting money for the start of production. Apparently, the company will be successful, and the conveyor will work on time, and in the sale of the headset will appear early next year. It is worth noting that AR headsets are now quite a lot on the market, but almost all of them are bulky, and are simply not adapted for everyday use. Hence the lack of interest in this segment among consumers, because in order to increase the popularity of smart glasses, you need to create something really comfortable, so that you can easily carry it in everyday life and not look like an alien or a funny robot. In general, we need a lightweight model points and stylish. Human Capable has been creating such glasses for four years.


According to Venture Beat, Norm Glasses do notmore than 36 grams, which is very acceptable for glasses, the design of the headset is almost identical to the standard glasses. All the iron stuffing, along with the processor, RAM, storage, microphones, speakers, cameras, is integrated into the frame. And glasses are capable of much: with their help, you can call any phone numbers, view e-mail and other text materials, listen to music, sit on social networks, chat in instant messengers, view any entertainment content, both videos and photos of any format .

Also with the help of points this content can andcreate, that is, take pictures and shoot videos. Also, points easily scan a barcode and QR codes, allow you to view information from various services, including weather services. Internet surfing for glasses is also not a problem, there is a special browser. This is useful to search for and refine various recipes, read instructions in real time, when you do something, for example, you collect furniture or some appliances, fix appliances, and so on. Navigation works, notifications come, there are reminders and, of course, you can work with voice assistants. The quality of the picture at a decent level, if the serial points will be at this level, then they are guaranteed success.


Manage points is supposed to be different.ways, among them there is a voice control, gestures (with the head), using the touch panel on the handle or another part of the rim, through a special application on the smartphone. Pairing with a smartphone via Bluetooth. The autonomy of the device is about two days under a standard operating scenario. The speakers will produce sound without drowning out the surrounding reality, so you will be safe near the carriageway, and the volume is automatically adjustable. This is done including for privacy, in any situation the sound of the headset will be heard exclusively by the user of glasses.

On pre-order the price tag on the Norm Glasses is340 dollars, when the points go in retail, their cost will be 450 dollars. At the same time, customization of the lenses of the glasses is included in the price, so that the user can order glasses with any diopters.

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