Northrop Grumman Begins Full-Scale Production of GMLRS Rocket Engines

Northrop Grumman announced the start of full-scale production of engines for the GMLRS. Reactive assembly

shells will be held at Lockheed Martin facilities.

What is known

Northrop Grumman announces start of productionrocket engines after handing over the 15,000th engine to Lockheed Martin. Northrop has been preparing for this for a long time, investing in manufacturing facilities and technology. This was announced by Vice President Jim Kalberer.

After production, the rocket motors will be sent to Lockheed Martin to assemble the GMLRS. The company will then begin deliveries of precision-guided missiles to the United States Army.

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To launch the GMLRS, the US has highly mobileartillery missile systems M142 HIMARS and multiple launch rocket systems M270 MLRS. The first complex is built on a wheeled chassis and has a container for six shells. The M270 uses a tracked chassis, which reduces the mobility of the platform, but the launcher can fire a salvo of 12 rounds.

The range of the GMLRS is about 80 km.Although the press release mentions a range of 15-70 km. Since June 2022, the United States has been actively supplying precision-guided projectiles to Ukraine, which has M142 HIMARS, M270 MLRS, MARS II, and LRU missile systems.