Northrop Grumman releases impressive fire test footage of SLS lunar rocket booster

Northrop Grumman manufactures Flight Support Booster-2 boosters for the SLS lunar launch vehicle for

commissioned by the NASA space agency and has already conducted fire tests.

What is known

The new accelerator is an upgradebooster from the Space Shuttle. He received an additional section that provides a 25% increase in traction and an updated (almost 100%) electronic component.

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Northrop Grumman successfully completed a series of firingFlight Support Booster-2 test. According to the manufacturer, two boosters will be enough to provide 75% of the thrust at the initial stage of the launch of the SLS rocket.

Note that Flight Support Booster-2will be used on the first eight Artemis missions. Starting from the ninth mission, the completely new Booster Obsolescence & Life Extension solutions will be used, the data for their design was collected during the last tests.

During the Flight Support Booster-2 test, it generated 1600 tons of thrust for two minutes. The company's specialists also evaluated the engine ignition system and the electronic thrust vector control system.

Note that Flight Support Booster-2 willdesigned for only one launch, while the four-section boosters for the Space Shuttle were reusable, but less powerful. As for the Booster Obsolescence & Life Extension, they are credited with a composite case and a number of improvements, and the first test of the debut sample is scheduled for the fall.

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