Norwegian F-35As flew to intercept Russian Il-38 aircraft that were observing NATO exercises

NATO military exercises are taking place in the north of Norway. They tried to observe the Russian anti-submarine

Il-38 aircraft.

What is known

Russian Il-38, which, together with the Tu-142deployed at the military base "Severomosrk-1" on the Kola Peninsula, approached the borders of Norway. They were trying to find American and British submarines that could take part in NATO exercises.

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After it was discovered that the Il-38approached the airspace of Norway, the fifth generation F-35A Lightning II fighters were alerted. Russian planes were over the Barents Sea and watched NATO submarines.

F-35s are on the NATO Quick Response Alert mission.A little over a month ago, they already took off from the Evenes airbase in the Far North to intercept the A-50 early warning aircraft, which was escorted by Tu-142 and Tu-95.