Not a luxury: 10 accessories under the brand Xiaomi, which do not know motorists

Every third person in the world carries the proud title of a motorist (the rest are either shy or not yet

Get your own vehicle). There are also individuals whose cars compete with their beloved by the amount of money invested in him, works and emotions, but we are not talking about them now. Any mentally healthy driver seeks to make their trips as comfortable and safe as possible. Hence the interest of drivers to all avtogadzhetam. The omnipresent Xiaomi could not stay away from this passion for their cars of millions of buyers. And she gathered under her wing several partner companies specializing in the production of car gadgets and accessories, offering them their distribution network, already spread all over the world. We offer you 10 things that will be very useful to you on board.

1. Splitter for cigarette lighter Xiaomi ROIDMI

Sometimes at the same time you need to put the phone oncharging, and turn on the DVR. But the question arises how to connect more than one device to a cigarette lighter? The answer is found - install the Roidmi splitter! It weighs 100 g, gives a total of 10 amps, consumes only 100 watts. There is an option in black and white color of the case, so everyone will find that he likes. The device is made of high quality plastic and stainless steel, has a double port. Now you will not panic on the road because of the discharged phone. Because driving is dangerous.

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Cost $ 16. Want to buy!

2. Smart charging for car Xiaomi ROIDMI 3S

Xiaomi Roidmi 3S - universal device,which accommodates charging with two ports at 2.1 A, support for the application (only Android, iPhone connects directly), Bluetooth transmitter and FM transmitter. Output music and voice navigation from the phone through the car's FM system. You can listen to your favorite songs directly from your smartphone through the car’s audio system, and if someone calls you, you can talk to him on the speakerphone, without being distracted from the road. FM works at standard frequencies, but it is important to configure them correctly for the user's country. The gadget is presented in black and white.

There is one nuance: this vehicle is not compatible with Nissan, Kia and Subaru cars, as well as with Peugeot 201 / Peugeot 2008, Mazda 2, Suzuki Alto, Honda Odyssey / City / Vezel / Crider / Fit, Toyota Vios, Honda Dongfeng XR-V, Skoda Fabia / Rapid, FAW-Volkswagen New Jetta, Citroen Elysee. Owners of these cars will have to find another assistant.

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Cost $ 17. Want to buy!

3. Xiaomi Yi DVR in the rearview mirror

This we have not seen! The DVR is a smart rearview mirror with two cameras. The presence of the main and rear camera makes it possible to completely cover the visibility of the road in front of and behind the car. Touch 4.3-inch screen with a resolution of 800x480. The main camera is equipped with an infrared sensor that simplifies visibility in the dark. Angle of view 138 degrees, video recording in FullHD. Rear camera: angle of view 120 degrees, video in HD. Connect to the application via Wi-Fi (there are Android and iOS). Optionally, you can also buy a memory card here, since it is not included in the kit, and a cigarette lighter charge for 2 USB ports (one 2.4 A port, the second with Quick Charge 3.0 support).

YI Mirror Dash Camera works in parallel asnormal rearview mirror and as a DVR, in the center of the built-in display, which is activated by pressing a single button. Also, the device boasts the possibility of night shooting, anti-glare lenses and emergency recording mode. This gadget will not leave indifferent any driver.

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Cost $ 66 - 90. I want to buy!

4. Xiaoim MiJia Car Air Purifier

MiJia Car Air Purifier Air Purifierable to save the car from the unpleasant smell of cigarettes, someone else's aunt sharp perfume or something harder in seconds. His strength even enough to clean the air in the minibus. It takes about 7 minutes. Fastened to the back of the headrest with special belts included in the package, and is connected to the car cigarette lighter (cable 4.5 meters, consumption of 6.5 watts). The device can even be controlled from the phone.

The cleaner has low noise, andcleans 60 cubic meters of air per hour. The filter has developed a well-known company Toray. It intercepts fine particles of 2.5 microns in size and keeps records using a proprietary application. The danger of these contaminants to the human lungs is described here. The multi-layer filter absorbs evaporation, removes 99.97% benzene and 99% formaldehyde. The presence of the cleaner in the car will allow not only to breathe pleasant clean air, but also to protect the lungs from harmful elements.

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The cost of $ 14 - 65.3. Want to buy!

5. Phone number for the windshield of Xiaomi Guildford

Parking in our time is becomingmore difficult, because the number of cars is increasing, and parking spaces are not. You have to leave the car where you have to and stick a note on your windshield with your phone number. Guildford, another Xiaomi partner specializing in accessories, has created a device that allows you to forget about these tricks from the last century. The kit includes a stand, fixed with a 3M adhesive tape on the dashboard, and a cash register of digits, which allows you to set a phone number (13 characters - just for the full number with the xxx-xxx-xx-xx format code). The device does not take up much space, it looks stylish and already declares the owner of the car as a thorough person, which, if his car prevents someone from leaving, will inevitably come running over and repark!

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Cost $ 10. Want to buy!

6. Flavor Xiaomi Mijia Guildford

Car interior is a great place toreproduction of bacteria and, as a consequence, the occurrence of an unpleasant odor. Guildford Car air outlet is the best alternative to the killer tree pendants. As an air freshener - Guildford container with natural plant extracts of lemon, orange or olives. Eliminates any unpleasant odors that by the will of evil rock got into the car.

Top of the body flavoring easyremoved, which makes it easy to change the nozzles in the mood. It is harmless to pregnant women and children. The container is installed in the ventilation grille on the panel, without damaging the appearance of the car. It is possible to adjust the intensity of the flavor through the switch.

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Cost $ 5.2 - 10. I want to buy!

7. Sticker on the rearview mirror, preventing fogging

Transparent protective film that repelsmoisture and fog from glass. Anti-glare structure will not give a chance for passing cars to blind you. Sold by a pair, has two options: oval 115x85 mm or a circle with a diameter of 95 mm. It is applied on the mirror in the same way as a protective film on the screen of the smartphone (wet wipes are included in the package). It is important to initially install the film on the glass. Squeeze out all the bubbles with special napkins so that the device lasts a long time.

The film prevents mirror misting,facilitates visibility in fog, protects the mirror from dust and moisture (no drops remain even in the rain due to the special nanoparticle coating). Provides an additional effect in the form of scratch protection. After removing the film the quality of the mirrors does not deteriorate, because the film is very thin and neat.

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Cost $ 4. Want to buy!

8. USB charging with Xiaomi COOWOO Bluetooth Headset

Original device developed by the companyCooWoo, part of the Xiaomi ecosystem. She specializes in automotive gadgets. The device combines the charging from the cigarette lighter with a Bluetooth-headset. The main advantage is that it is difficult to lose a miniature headset (weight 28 grams) in a car, since it can be stored directly in the charging station. There are versions with one and two USB ports. Aluminum is used in the case, the headset will take 1.5 hours to charge, the battery lasts for 1.5 hours of talk or 48 hours of work in standby mode.

When you first connect the headset to the phoneIt is necessary to press the button a couple of times until the blue-red indicator lights up. Then the phone will find an available device to connect to the BC200. USB also has a red backlight to make it easier to see it in the dark. So with this charge, you no longer have to worry about anything on the road.

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Cost $ 28 - 39. I want to buy!

9. Portable Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi SWDK KC101

A useful thing for a motorist is a manual one.portable vacuum cleaner. In addition to cleaning, this model also provides antibacterial surface treatment with an ultraviolet lamp. The battery capacity of 2200 mAh is enough for 25 minutes of work, the time to full charge is 2.5 hours. Removable container that is easy to clean and wash. The weight of 1.3 kg is not heavier than the iron or handbag of the average city dweller. Today it is the smallest manual vacuum cleaner, but its performance is not inferior to powerful home vacuum cleaners. It works in three modes:

  • knocks out dust from the surface with a frequency of 8000 beats per minute;
  • absorbs dust and removes deep contaminants under a pressure of 6000 Pa;
  • prophylactic surface treatment with an ultraviolet lamp that provides disinfection for 5 minutes.

With such a mini helper it is easy to remove bacteria anddust that causes allergies. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a convenient stand that allows you to place it in any corner of the closet at home or in the garage. The absence of wires and quiet operation of the device make the device indispensable in cleaning the machine.

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Cost $ 75. Want to buy!

10. Monitor tire pressure Xiaomi 70mai

70mai is another company within the scope ofXiaomi activities and specializing in automotive gadgets. Thanks to the new device, it is now easy to check tire pressure in real time. This monitor is equipped with a solar battery (although it can be powered by a USB cable) and monitors the pressure and temperature in each of the 4 tires using the sensors included in the package. Communicates with a smartphone through a proprietary application. Displays on its screen data on the status of each of the 4 tires, notifies about excessive or critically low tire pressure and a broken wheel.

The device is easy to operate, and for hisInstallation does not require special knowledge. The sensors are mounted inside the wheels and show even small punctures in the tires. In addition, there is protection against theft and ingress of moisture.

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Cost $ 58 - 60. I want to buy!

Modern developments are not surprising. What previously seemed unreal and absurd, has now become an integral part of life. Thanks to new Xiaomi devices, life becomes easier, and traveling by car is safer and more comfortable.

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