Not a single PlayStation 5: Sony has patented a game cartridge for an unknown console

Sony has already announced an approximate release date for the PlayStation 5, but some of the details about the new gaming console remain

in secret. Nevertheless, the new patent of the company raises thoughts about the return of old technologies.

What is known

LetsGoDigital found another Sony patentInteractive Entertainment, registered with the National Institute of Industrial Property of Brazil. Last time, the company registered the PlayStation 5 design for developers with the department, and now it has brought a game cartridge to the office.

The application fell into class 14.99 with a description of "Funny" and "Miscellaneous." LetsGoDigital notes that in Japan, under such a classification number, Electronic Game Accessories is registered.

Eugene Morisawa, Sr. is responsible for the new director of Sony Interactive Entertainment. According to the source, Morisawa is responsible for all products associated with the PlayStation brand. So the new gaming accessory may be associated with the company's consoles.

In November 2018, we already talked about the patent.Sony cartridge, for which Morisawa was also responsible. As it turned out, the company registered an existing device for the Sony Toio programming kit for children. Now this is a brand new product. Judging by the single image, Sony is working on a cartridge that looks like game cartridges for the Japanese Famicom (NES in the US and Europe) from Nintendo.

It is not yet known which device the patented cartridge is designed for, since the PlayStation 3 has already used BluRay discs to distribute physical copies of games.

The only Sony prefix thatused cartridges, there was a PlayStation Vita, but back in 2018 the company stopped their production and now games for the console can only be bought in digital form. Perhaps Sony looked at the success of the Nintendo Switch and decided to return to the PS Vita 2 portable console market, which is now ruled by Big N.

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