Stadia is not the only one: NVIDIA will launch the GeForce Now cloud gaming service on Android

While Google and Microsoft are just planning to release cloud gaming services, NVIDIA has been testing GeForce Now for the second year.

The service is already available to users of Mac and Windows computers, and now a release for Android is planned.

When to expect

According to the company blog, the owners will “soon”smartphones with a “green robot” on board will be able to try out the NVIDIA cloud service. It is not known exactly when the company will launch GeForce Now on Android, but it is possible that gamers will not be charged a penny. During the beta test, the service is allowed to be used for free, and it is unlikely that the launch on smartphones will take place after or along with the release of the final version.

Let us remind you that Google will also launch the gaming cloud service Stadia on Android smartphones, but will be limited to supporting new Pixel models.

Like the manufacturers of other cloud services, NVIDIA recommends using GeForce Now in conjunction with a gamepad:

"To take full advantage of the opportunitiesmobile devices, we recommend playing with a Bluetooth gamepad, such as the SHIELD Controller, Razer Raiju Mobile, Steelseries Stratus Duo, or Glap Gamepad (in Korea), as some games will not play on an Android phone without a gamepad."

With the launch of GeForce Now, NVIDIA is expandinglist of supported regions. The company recently launched the service in Korea and Japan, making friends with Softbank and LG. In addition, new servers based on RTX video cards have appeared in California and Germany.