Not “Cyberpunk” alone: ​​Dark Envoy has been announced - a Polish RPG in the spirit of Dragon Age and XCOM

While some Poles are making Cyberpunk 2077, others are working on the turn-based role-playing game Dark Envoy.

What is known

According to the developers from Event Horizon, the gameis inspired by Divinity, XCOM and Dragon Age. In the world of Dark Envoy, people fight the Old Race using dark technology against magic. The main characters will be Kaela and Kyros, who repaired their parents' flying ship and set off on a dangerous journey.

The developers promise that the player's actions will affect the world of Dark Envoy, and only he can decide whether the universe will be saved or destroyed. Therefore, expect a non-linear plot and multiple endings.

Dark Envoy will play like a role-playing gamewith turn-based combat and randomly generated dungeons. You will be able to choose heroes from 15 classes, and you will have to search for some of them. According to the developers, the role-playing system will not let you get bored, pushing the player to experiment.

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You can complete Dark Envoy either alone or in company with a friend; in addition, Event Horizon is preparing a multiplayer mode, where one player plays the role of a boss and tries to destroy the other.

Dark Envoy will be released at the end of 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on Steam.