Not just smartphones: Google releases first test version of Android 12 for Android TV

Yesterday we wrote that Google released the first Android 12 Developer Preview firmware for developers. But, as it turned out,

that's not all - it was followed by the first test version of Android 12 for the Android TV platform.

What is known

Usually the first pre-release versions of Android TVcome out a few months after the test versions of Android. For example, testing of Android 11 for Android TV began last summer, and the stable version was presented only in September. But its mass distribution never began. Apparently with Android 12, Google decided to change its strategy and give developers more time.

Unfortunately, there are no details about the innovations in Android 12 for Android TV yet. The platform should bring a new interface (in the style of Google TV) and an expanded list of codec support.

True, you can test the new Android only on a special device - Google's proprietary set-top box ADT-3, which was created specifically for developers.

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