Not only Google Pixel and Essential Phone: Redmi K20 Pro also received a stable version of Android 10 (updated)

Xiaomi has decided to surprise its fans with good news. Manufacturer one day with google and essential released

stable firmware Android 10.

What is known

An update came out for the flagship Redmi K20 Pro. In the firmware, the developers moved the search widget to the bottom of the screen, changed the appearance of the clock on the lock screen, improved the security of the system, and also added some features of Android 10.

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When to expect

The update is currently available only to device users in India and China. The European version of Redmi K20 Pro (Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro) will receive firmware a bit later. Perhaps along with Xiaomi Mi 9.

Updated: the regular Redmi K20 also received a stable version of Android 10.

Do you know that

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