Not only Redmi K30: Xiaomi will also introduce a “smart” column on December 10

On December 10, Xiaomi planned a presentation at which the new Redmi K30 smartphone will be presented. how

it turned out he was not the only one to make his debut that day.

What else

According to insiders Mukul Sharma, Xiaomi is also preparing for the announcement of the “smart” column Redmi AI Speaker Play, and it is already certified by the Chinese regulator.

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The column is numbered L07A. Apparently, it will be simple in function and, accordingly, an inexpensive smart speaker.

In addition, Xiaomi is preparing another column - MiAI Touchscreen speaker Pro 8 with part number X08A. And this model is already better: at least it has a touch screen. When exactly it will officially be presented is still unknown.

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