Not only Redmi Note 8 and Redmi TV: on August 29, Xiaomi will show another updated RedmiBook 14 laptop

Already this Thursday (August 29), the Xiaomi Redmi sub-brand will hold a presentation of new devices in China. As it turned out,

in addition to the Redmi Note 8 and Note 8 Pro smartphones, as well as the Redmi TV, we will also see the updated RedmiBook 14 laptop.

What is known

The manufacturer has officially confirmed thisinformation by posting a poster on a page on Weibo. The new version will receive the 10th generation Intel Core i7 processor (in the last, the 8th generation chip was installed in the top version). True, it is not yet clear whether it will be a 10-nanometer Ice Lake or a 14-nanometer Comet Lake.

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All other specifications and appearancedevices should remain the same: a metal case, a 14-inch Full HD + display with thin frames, up to 8 or 16 GB of RAM, a full keyboard, HDMI, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and a headphone jack. The price tag of the new product will be around $ 500-800.

Do you know that

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