Not only TV: Xiaomi will present 9 new products at once on April 23

We already wrote that the company Xiaomi has planned a presentation on April 23, at which they should present

New TV (and possibly several models at once). But it turned out that he was not the only one to be a debutant that day.

What will show

Xiaomi has published an advertising poster, which depicts 9 new products at once. Judging by the images, these are several columns, a lamp, scales and, possibly, a router.

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Another MiJia poster hints at the scales. In the image it is not clear what it is, but it is published by the Xiaomi smart balance account.

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Another poster advertises the same TVwhich immodestly called "a work of art." “This time there’s no distance between the two sides of the work of art,” says the slogan. This means that the TV will be very thin.

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Recall also Xiaomi introduced a wireless iron-steamer for $ 30. We have also compiled for you a selection of useful MiJia gadgets for the smart home.

Source: MyDrivers 1, 2

Do you know that

The most popular Xiaomi products on Aliexpress are:

  • 19-in-1 electric screwdriver for easy handling with small parts
  • magnetic pad for the very screwdriver
  • automatic soap dispenser with frother
  • control center smart home Xiaomi
  • AirPods Killer - Xiaomi AirDots
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