Not ready: Huawei will not focus on Samsung and until it releases Mate X

The other day we wrote that the head of Huawei’s consumer unit, Richard Yu, is already using

folding smartphone Mate X, with which he was "caught" at the airport. But despite this, the first flexible smartphone Huawei is not yet ready to exit.


Huawei Mobile Unit President Hee Gang(He Gang) says that the device is still at the stage of optimization. During testing, it turned out that there were actually more problems than expected.

“It should be clear to everyone that Huawei’s requirementsThe quality is very large. If the device does not meet the quality requirements, we will not allow it to enter the market, ”said the head of the mobile unit.

Recall the main competitor of Huawei Mate X -Samsung Galaxy Fold will be released in September. However, Hee Gang assures that Huawei will not focus on Samsung and rush to release Mate X to keep up with the Galaxy Fold. The smartphone will not enter the market until it is completely ready. But when it will be - is unknown.