Nothing happened, scroll on

Infrequently at the editorial office gg there is reason to make news about such a long-awaited event that happened

Today. This day will definitely go down in history, and today's events will be remembered for a long time by everyone who is interested in modern technologies and advanced gadgets. This was not known in advance: companies did not intrigue the network with teasers with videos, insiders did not merge spy photos with smeared fragments on Twitter, none of the leading analysts predicted such a development of events. However, it happened.

Unusual is also the source of thisinformation. We did not receive an official press release, it was not voiced by any company representative on his Facebook or Linkedin. The news fell on us like a bolt from the blue - suddenly, as it is. It is in this form that we bring it to our most curious readers in the world, so as not to load them with excessive information in the middle of the working day.

On the Internet, the opinion that this information is walkinginaccurate and / or incomplete and requires additional impartial (and how else?) study and, so to speak, consideration of it from different angles of view, without biased theses and value judgments. We are used to operating only with facts and will, as always, rely only on them. And also (as in this case) use the primary sources of information.

So far, the received data has not been officiallyconfirmed, but we can already say that this news will completely transform your idea of ​​the modern world and the possibilities of technologies that at first seem incredible, and after a few years become familiar to everyone. Obviously, after this news, our world will no longer be the same as before.

Perhaps in the near future we will see, if not a press release, then at least an official statement on this, of course, important for everyone and everyone. Editors gg continues to carefully study the situation and will keep you updated on current events.

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