Nothing Phone (1) Sources Released: Like the Best of Times OnePlus

One of the main advantages of Android, as you know, is its openness to all sorts of modifications. Many

for years, enthusiasts from all over the world have been experimenting withSmartphone software by creating custom firmware. One of the most famous among them was CyanogenMod, which even formed the basis of OnePlus One and became the prototype of OxygenOS. At the same time, OnePlus itself contributed in every possible way to the creation and development of the modding community, promptly releasing Kernel sources, without which the creation of modifications is difficult. As a result of rapprochement with OPPO, this tradition was violated, and Nothing intends to take over the baton: the company has published the source of Nothing Phone (1).

Thanks to this step, the device is not only doomedbecome a favorite of enthusiastic developers who will provide it with an extensive database of all kinds of custom firmware, but will also allow you to install the latest versions of Android without any problems even after the expiration of three years of official software support.

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