Nothing reveals more of Phone's specs (1)

A few days remain before the official presentation of Nothing Phone (1) - the first smartphone of the young brand under

guide by Carl Pei.It is officially confirmed that the device will be built on the Snapdragon 778G, and its main advantage will be a design with a series of diodes on the “translucent” back for ringtones, notifications and spectacular lighting. Nothing continued to “merge” details on the smartphone, and this time touched on display issues. On their TikTok page, they published videos that showed the Nothing UI interface with a 120 Hz switch, as well as the operation of the on-screen fingerprint scanner, that is, we received confirmation of AMOLED at 120 Hz and the position of the biometric sensor along with a demonstration of its speed. Bonus - ringtones and backlight reaction to them. On July 12, we will find out the exact prices and other details. Don't switch! Reply to @robcanueto ♬ original sound – Nothing Reply to @gilbeeeeeeeee ♬ drowning – &lt3 Replying to @thatguyjervis #phone1 ♬ original sound – Nothing

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