Now a new liver can be grown in a person. But stop drinking anyway

Humans have only one liver, but a new treatment could help people with severe liver disease

grow a second, third or even fifth liver. In the world's first trial, one volunteer is about to undergo a procedure that will result in the growth of a second liver. Discuss

If this proves successful, future volunteers will be tested with stronger doses, potentially allowing them to develop up to six "mini-kidneys," according to the MIT Technology Review.

The method lies in the fact that cells from the donorlivers are injected into the lymph nodes of patients with liver disease in the hope that they will give rise to new organs. Donor livers are not suitable for transplantation, but can still be a potentially life-saving treatment option for recipients. Researchers estimate that just one such liver can help treat more than 75 people.

"The use of these organs, which are otherwisediscarded to help patients… is revolutionary," stem cell biologist Valerie Gwan-Evans, who was not involved in the study, told the MIT Technology Review.