Now all smartphones will update Android

Four years ago, Google introduced a streaming update system for Android smartphones. That is all

smartphones that run on android canindependently updated in the background, the user himself can when he wants to download a new version of the OS, install and reboot. If something goes wrong, the system will simply revert to the previous version, the smartphone will not become a brick, because with a stream update, the old version of the system is not erased initially.

Not in a hurry

However, even though the possibility of streamingnew things appeared a long time ago, manufacturers didn’t really want to use this feature. On the fingers, you can count the companies that have included smooth updates for their users. Even large market players such as Samsung or Huawei did not want to join a very convenient function. Yes, it is convenient only for users, but not for manufacturers, since extra body movements and, possibly, costs associated with this will be needed.

Law for everyone?

It seems that now Google will get down to businessseriously, and if someone wants to use his operating system, his services, then the function should be enabled by default for all new smartphones. This will be the devices that come with the 11th version of Android.

Why are manufacturers in no hurry to turn on foryour users this feature? They themselves explain this by the fact that streaming updates take up space in the smartphone's memory. And for a place in the memory of the company, a lot of money is taken from customers. Previously, even the versions of smartphones were popularly called only by the capacity of the drive. To the question of what kind of smartphone you have, almost everyone answered - 32 or 64 (with more pathos).

In fact, every smartphone makercustomizes Android in such a way that the user could not do anything, that is, if the company wants advertising, it has backdoors in the smartphone system for this, at any time it can download and install any application on the device. Less well-known manufacturers of cheap smartphones sew malicious programs, spies and all kinds of adware into the system initially. And if streaming updates are enabled, then many of their backdoors and wired ads may disappear, but they don’t want to.

Andrnoid 11

XDA Developers reported that in smartphones,which will run on Android 11, there must be two sections on the system drive, one of which is for update files. So, there is a hope that the inclusion of streaming updates will be mandatory for all manufacturers of mobile devices running on Android.

Of course, this innovation will affectonly those smartphones whose manufacturers use certified Android, that is, they received a certificate from Google, and can preinstall Google Play and other services from the Android developer. That is, the changes will affect those devices that will be sold outside the Celestial Empire, of course, excluding Huawei, which has long been under the sanctions of the US government.