Now officially: Apple said goodbye to Joni Ive

At the end of June, it became known that Apple chief designer Jonathan Ive was leaving the company. Now it seems

Apple has finally said goodbye to Joni.

Now without johnny

The fact is that in the summer, neither Apple nor Ive himself said when he would finish his last days at the company. It was only reported that this would happen at the end of the year.

And now Joni's profile has disappeared on the Apple website. First, his photo disappeared from the page about the management, and then all the information.

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Let's remember that Jonathan Ive worked at Apple for 27 years.Under his leadership, the design of the first iMac, iPod, iPhone and Macbook was developed. Now, together with his friend Marc Newson, he founded the LoveFrom studio, and Apple will be one of its clients.

But now for the design of “Apple” productsHis assistants Evans Hankey and Alan Dye answer. Only Joni reported directly to Tim Cook, and they will report to the company's chief operating officer, Jeff Williams.

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