Nreal Light: augmented reality has become closer

Augmented reality (or mixed reality) glasses and headsets allow you to contemplate and interact with

virtual objects, while at the same time remainingin the real, real world. The scope of application of the technology of adding virtual world objects to our reality is quite wide, although it is still in the future. However, such devices are already fully functional not only in the entertainment sector (computer games, watching multimedia content), but in some professional areas. Most of the existing products still have dimensions that are not very conducive to widespread distribution and use in everyday life. Nreal decided to correct this issue by creating a device with compact dimensions that make the headset truly wearable.

Extra world with glasses

Nreal Light are a pair of almost ordinarypoints, something similar to Snapchat Spectacles. The design of the glasses was designed so that the headset was indistinguishable from ordinary sunglasses. However, hardly anyone will wear such glasses on the street, since they are still different from the standard ones, the front part of the glasses is more massive. In addition, the glasses are not a monolith or a monoblock, the headset consists of two modules: the glasses itself, and the “iron” block, with which the glasses are connected by a wire running along the handle.


The iron block includes a powerful processor.Snapdragon 845 and battery. This unit can be attached to a belt, hung on the neck, or you can put it in your pocket. The unit in turn has a round-shaped control panel, it is disconnected when necessary. The control panel is used to interact with the additional world, or rather, with its objects. The buttons on the remote allow you to work with the advanced AR interface.

The whole set is quite compact and light, it is calmfits in a small handbag. Unlike competitors, Nreal Light has a very high-quality screen with a resolution of 1080p. When viewing multimedia content (the eyes are very close to the screen), the impressions are just great, the clarity is perfect. Also pleased and viewing angles of 52 degrees. When interacting with AR objects, the user has a triple degree of freedom: you can zoom in on objects, move away from them, walk around them, move, and all this time they will be in sight.


The company announced the start of receiving applications fromthird-party developers for popular mobile platforms to develop support for the Nreal environment. If developers agree to work with this platform, these points will receive a huge number of games and other useful applications. Points to the processor unit are connected via USB-C, so that they can be equally well connected to smartphones, tablets or laptops. It will be better than even an additional monitor, since the picture will be huge and clear right before your eyes. Imagine what a movie will look like on an airplane or a bus when viewed with these glasses. Another world will cease to exist for you.

After creating the application catalog (store), any developer will be able to present his content there. The cost of AR-points will be 1 thousand dollars, the device will rise to the conveyor in the middle of the year.

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