Nubia Red Magic 3: active cooling for games

Smartphones at one time made a revolution, becoming universal devices that replaced conventional

Cell phones.Modern smartphones can do almost everything you might need from a computer. This is both a dialer and a videophone, you can use it to watch movies, communicate in instant messengers, surf the Internet, play modern games, use it as a navigator or photo and video camera, pay with a smartphone in stores for purchases, and so on. Recently, these universal devices have begun to slowly segment into niches. Camera phones, rugged models, and gaming smartphones appeared.

With the last segments are now happening justincredible things. Gaming smartphones have become little to have the most powerful processor, large amounts of RAM, additional functions to control the gameplay, screens with high refresh rates, RGB-lighting like gaming computers, liquid cooling and support for physical game controllers. At a time when laptops are trying to get rid of active cooling, gaming smartphones are beginning to use it.

Active cooling

The new smartphone from the company Nubia was the first ofthose that are represented on our market, a smartphone that is equipped with a real active cooling system, that is, a real fan. Inside the case there is a small fan that prevents the smartphone from overheating in games. And the cooler blows not just heat pipes, a fluid system is installed here. This is good because the fan will not have to work all the time. It is turned on only after the components (processor, memory) have reached a certain temperature threshold. It turns out some kind of permutation, smartphones go to the area where there were thin laptops, and they in turn become devices without fans, what smartphones were originally.

Additional features

However, active cooling is notis the only feature of the third generation of Red Magic. What makes this model different from other smartphones? For a start, this is a screen, the refresh rate of which is 90 hertz, whereas for ordinary smartphones (even flagships), the frequency is only 60 hertz. The display diagonal is 6.65 inches, the resolution of AMOLED FHD + matrixes.

Also, the device received two additionalphysical buttons on the shoulders. They are used in games for certain actions. Gameplay often requires quick action, and touching the screen is not the fastest way to control. The third button can serve as a fingerprint scanner, located on the back of the smartphone. The back panel has an RGB backlight, contacts and a mount for connecting additional accessories and a docking station are located on the same face of the smartphone.


With traditional specifications, too, everything is in order. At the heart of the iron filling high-performance 8-core Snapdragon 855 chipset from Qualcomm, to help him installed 12 gigabytes of RAM (most laptops do not have so much), 256 GB drive. Autonomy provides a 5000 mAh battery, there is a high-speed charging capacity of 27 watts. The speaker system is represented by two powerful speakers that support surround sound technology. The manufacturer has saved an analog headphone jack. The main camera has a sensor of 48 megapixels, a selfie camera - 16 megapixels. The cost of new items starts at 430 dollars.

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