Nuclear-powered lighter carrier broke down in African waters, although it must withstand work in ice

The nuclear-powered lighter carrier Sevmorput has been standing off the coast of Angola for more than a month due to the breakdown of one of four

blades of a single lead screw. The renovation work began on November 18th.

FSUE Atomflot representatives reported: despite the incident, the vessel "possesses all seaworthiness, the nuclear power plant is operating normally." The ministry added that there is no threat to the crew and nearby cities.

The ship has not yet been repaired due to bad weather. In addition, "complex agreements with the country's authorities" are required. The situation is also complicated by severe restrictions in Angola in connection with the coronavirus.

Due to the breakdown of the vessel, the cardinal modernization of the Russian research station Vostok in Antarctica may be postponed - its wear is about 90%.

The authorities and a private investor allocated 7.5 billion rubles for the creation of a new wintering complex in Antarctica, the modules for which the lighter carrier was carrying. The construction was planned to be completed in 2024.

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