Number of the day: How many people use satellite Internet Elon Musk?


users have Starlink

SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk, told how many people

use Starlink satellite internet.

In October 2020, SpaceX launched a publicStarlink testing. From the company's recent filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, it became clear that the number of its satellite Internet users has reached 10,000 in the US and abroad.

SpaceX wants to register from the CommissionStarlink as a telecommunications company. Then she will be able to get $ 885 million from the American authorities to provide rural areas with satellite Internet. SpaceX is asking for registrations to be issued by June 7, 2021.

While Starlink is in test mode. Beta testers can buy custom hardware for $ 499 and a monthly subscription for $ 99.