Number of the day: How many Russians watch YouTube while working?

33.2% of Russians watch YouTube while working

The developer of software for business management "Megaplan" conducted a survey in

during which it became clear how many Russians spend time on the popular YouTube video service while working.

So, it was found that about 33.2%of surveyed Russians spend time watching YouTube videos during working hours. At the same time, 24.3% of Russians shared that they spend more than two hours of their working day on social networks and instant messengers, while 38.9% “sit” on the Internet for less than an hour every day. About 25.7% of Russians use social networks only for work, and 11.3% do not use them at all.

Note that the survey itself involved about1967 employees and managers of SMEs. During the study, it was also recorded that, according to 40.6% of respondents, spending time on social networks is a useless activity.