Number of the day: How many times is PlayStation 5 more popular among players than Xbox Series X?

4So many times PlayStation 5 is more popular than Xbox Series X among players

Game Informer experts conducted a survey within

which it turned out how many times among the playersthe PlayStation 5 console is more popular than the Xbox Series X. Thus, the majority of respondents preferred the first, noting the absence of exclusive games for the new Microsoft console.

The survey found that from the consoleJapanese company Sony is delighted with about 71.4% of gamers, while Xbox Series X was preferred by 28.6%. At the same time, 56% of respondents are ready to buy PlayStation 5, while only 15% will spend on Xbox Series X.

The players were also asked to rate the appearance.consoles. Thus, 69.2% of respondents liked the design of the PlayStation 5, while only 30.2% were satisfied with the appearance of the Xbox Series X. 57.6% of respondents noted that the presence of exclusives is an important factor, while only 32.1% were more relaxed about it.