Number of the day: How much more Russians have started playing computer games in 2020?

At 30

more minutes a day

Specialists of the MY.GAMES brand, part of the Group, surveyed 53,000 gamers in Russia and

learned how much more they started playing computer games in 2020.

Survey participants also rated 2020 byfive-point scale. 54% of respondents described 2020 as “dull” or “disappointing”. Roughly 25% of gamers said the outgoing year was full of opportunities and interesting. On average, the year was rated "three".

The pandemic has given gamers moretime that they could devote to games. 30% of the respondents said that they began to play more. On average, Russians started playing half an hour more a day. 48% of respondents have discovered new genres of games. For the majority, these were shooters, RPGs and MMORPGs.