NVIDIA has already defeated Sony: it seems that the GeForce RTX 2080 will be more powerful than the PlayStation 5

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang gave a presentation at GTC China 2019, during which gamers were told:

that the RTX 2080 is more powerful than the next generation of consoles.

What is known

At the event, Jensen showed a slide showingcompared the GeForce RTX 2080 with the next generation consoles. According to the company, devices with this video card will be more powerful than ninth-generation consoles, but the CEO did not specify which consoles are meant.

It is possible that this term immediately falls underand PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. It is possible that Jensen also had in mind Lockhart, a budget version of the new Xbox, which has weaker hardware, but is still more powerful than the Xbox One X.

Also, don’t forget that the RTX2080 ishas been on store shelves for a year and a half, while PS4 and Series X will only be released at the end of 2020. Until this time, Sony and Microsoft will have time to finalize their gaming systems, improving performance. At the same time, console GPUs show excellent performance in games thanks to optimization.

Note that the goal of the ninth generation is not so muchshow the increase in the graph, how much to save players from downloads. For example, at a closed presentation, Sony showed that the PS5 takes 0.83 seconds to load a level, while the PS4 does it in 8 seconds. Microsoft hasn’t shared any tests yet, but has already announced that the Xbox Series X will receive a high-speed SSD instead of the classic HDD.

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