Nvidia shows Minecraft with ray tracing technology

Nvidia and Mojang are going to add ray tracing to Minecraft for Windows 10. This became known at Gamescom

in Cologne.

Pointless but beautiful

For Minecraft RTX, the developers usedPath tracing is a subtype of ray tracing technology. As a result, the cubic world will become a little more realistic: there will be reflections, hard and soft shadows, refraction and scattering of light, imitation of different light sources, such as the sun and lava.

Minecraft Creative Director Sax Persson says:

“Ray tracing is at the core of what weWe think it's the future for Minecraft. GeForce RTX gives the world of Minecraft a whole new look. In normal Minecraft, a gold block appears yellow, but with ray tracing enabled, players can actually see the mirror surface and even mobs reflected in it."

Unfortunately, the update will only be available to owners of a Windows 10 PC and one of the NVIDIA RTX graphics cards. It looks like Mojang has ditched the "Super Duper Graphics Pack" in favor of this feature.