NVIDIA will show a new generation of RTX 40XX graphics cards on September 20

The current line of NVIDIA video cards - RTX 30XX - was released at the end of 2020. Since then, the company has released new models,

but only within the framework of an already existing series.

And now, apparently, the moment has come whenThe IT giant is ready to introduce the next generation of video adapters. According to insiders, it will be called Ada Lovelace in honor of the first female programmer.

NVIDIA published a post in whichinvited everyone to join her on September 20 at an event called "GeForce Beyond". It will take place as part of the brand presentation at GTC 2022.

It is reported that on this day the graphics card manufacturer will introduce the RTX 40XX series. This is also hinted at by the fact that the permanent head of the brand Jensen Huang will lead the presentation.

You can learn more about the upcoming event on its official website at the link.