NVIDIA's GauGAN graphic editor will make even a one year old child an artist

NVIDIA has developed a new graphical editor, GauGAN. With it, anyone can create beautiful

landscapes, even without artistic skills.

How it works

To create your masterpiece, enoughschematically depict parts of the landscape. On the toolbar there are buttons “grass”, “sea”, “road”, “snow”, “stone” and others. After the user draws a sketch, artificial intelligence will make an almost realistic picture of it.

The editor can even display the displayed mountains and trees in the water. And if you “sprinkle” the landscape with snow, the color of the whole environment will change to a colder winter.

The name of the developers is composed of two parts: the abbreviations GAN (Generative Adversary Network, Generative Adversarial Nets) and the names of the famous artist Gauguin.

A source: Nvidia