Oclean X Pro Elite review. Geek toothbrush

The new product of the Oclean company managed to surprise many! Oclean X Pro Elite - sonic toothbrush with characteristics,

which cannot be found even among top modelsindustry giants (hello Oral-B). The color touch display, which automatically wakes up when the brush is lifted, allows you to conveniently use all the extensive functions of the device. The noise reduction technology allowed the engineers to achieve amazing results, the noise level during operation does not exceed 45 dB. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, details, features and characteristics of the new item in more detail in our review!

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Oclean X Pro Elite

Do you love going to the dentist?Hmm ... Strange question, tell me and you will be right! Today, modern technologies for oral hygiene can reduce the frequency of visits to the dentist to a minimum. Sonic brushes perfectly clean the interdental space, simultaneously removing stones and whitening enamel.

Oclean X Pro Elite Is a high-tech product that has analoguesfor today simply not. In many respects, the brush resembles its predecessor, the X Pro model. But there are a number of features that can attract a selective buyer.

Special features

Noise level became lower and does not exceed 45 dB. All thanks to the unique technology of ultrasonic active noise cancellation WhisperClean 2.0... Brushing is now even more enjoyable. At the same time, the cleaning efficiency does not suffer, the vibration frequency does not decrease. Marked by the Quiet Mark (Silent Product Certification).

Power brushless levitation motor has grown to 42,000 rpm... This is enough to clean teeth, interdental spaces and remove calculus 300% more efficiently than its predecessors.

Cleaning ability 15% larger heads with new DuPont Brilliance bristles with rounded ends.

Wireless charger Qi is able to restore a charge from 0 to 100% in just 3.5 hours.

Blind Spot Tracking cleaning. Each time after a session of brushing your teeth, information about the effectiveness of brushing will appear on the screen. The brush will mark areas that you have cleaned well or not.

Display wake up... Each time you pick up a brush, the display activates and greets you with an invitation to brush your teeth. How cute!

Updated OS... Clearer, more informative and functional



  • maximum frequency - 42000 rpm
  • maximum torque - 220 gf / cm
  • 4 modes (cleaning / whitening / massage / sensitive)
  • 32 intensity levels
  • battery capacity - 800 mAh, wireless charging - 3.5 hours, autonomy up to 35 days
  • functional app for iOS and Android
  • IPX7 water resistant
  • 6-axis gyroscope
  • magnetic wall mount
  • weight 110 grams

Where can one buy?

You can buy Oclean X Pro Elite on the official Oclean website. By promo code OC8 you can get an additional discount. They guarantee the originality of the product, provide free delivery (on average 8-15 days), and will also give gifts as a bonus. All products have a 2-year warranty.