Official: AirPower will never have a docking station for wireless charging, Apple has closed the project

Back in 2017, at the presentation of the iPhone X, Apple announced a rather interesting product - a docking station for

wireless charging AirPower. It can simultaneously charge your smartphone, wireless headphones and smart watches. After that, the company repeatedly postponed the release of AirPower, information about it appeared in the instructions for other gadgets, and users waited for the docking station at every Apple event. A few years have passed - and the company has finally put an end to that question.

Fate decided

After years of work, AirPower decided not to release. Yes, it turns out, the official announcement is not a guarantee that the device will hit the store shelves.

Apple's senior vice president of developmenthardware Dan Riccio (Dan Riccio) said that the work on the docking station has been discontinued, the project is being closed. “AirPower does not meet our high standards, and we canceled the project,” said Dan. He also apologized to users who hoped to buy such a useful thing, and stressed that Apple still sees the future in wireless technology.


In addition to the non-compliance clause, Applesays nothing more about the reasons for the cancellation of charging. Rumor has it that AirPower did not work so thin and compact, and the problem with overheating could not be solved. Apparently, the company decided not to risk other gadgets and design and generally closed the project.