Official: Lenovo Legion smartphones will no longer be

In recent days, rumors have begun to appear on the Internet about the closure of the Lenovo Legion smartphone line. Android Authority Edition

contacted the manufacturer for a comment, and heconfirmed the information. The company's full comment reads: “Lenovo is closing its Legion line of gaming Android phones as part of a broader business transformation and consolidation of its gaming portfolio. As a leader in gaming devices and solutions, Lenovo is committed to improving gaming devices across multiple form factors, while at the same time focusing on areas where we can bring the most value to the global gaming community.”

In other words, Lenovo believes that people are notespecially play on smartphones, so it makes no sense to develop gaming smartphones. Perhaps that is the way it is. The range of such devices has been greatly reduced in recent years: Redmi abandoned the Gaming Edition line, Nubia is gradually shifting focus from the Red Magic gaming to the Z-series, after the reduction of 90% of the staff, Black Shark's resources have been severely crippled. ASUS remains the most notable player, but its ROG Phone 7 is rumored to be little different from previous generations.

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