Officially: Huawei P40 series of smartphones will debut in March 2020

During a press event in China, Huawei CEO Richard Yu told French reporters when

wait for the announcement of Huawei P40.

What is known

According to the executive director of the company,The flagship series of devices is announced in March 2020. Yu has not yet disclosed the exact date of the announcement, but confirmed that the event will traditionally be held in Paris. New items will work on Android and still without Google services. You should not expect a new proprietary Harmony OS system on devices (at least in Europe).

Huawei P40 and Huawei P40 Pro, according to the chaptercompanies will differ in appearance from their predecessors. Smartphones will receive updated hardware and, of course, an improved camera. Let us remind you that according to rumors, the top version is credited with eight modules: five main and three front.

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