Officially: no, Huawei P40 will not receive graphene battery

Representatives of Huawei dotted all the “i” and commented on the rumors that the new flagship Huawei P40

get graphene batteries.

What happened

If anyone doesn’t know: Yesterday, the French division of Huawei made hype on the network. It published a post on Twitter that the Huawei P40 will be the first smartphone in the world with a graphene battery.

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Recall that graphene is a new type of crystal, two-dimensional, flat. A thin layer of graphene takes charge instantly, so the batteries from it charge much faster.

After that, the post was immediately deleted, without giving an explanation for its actions.

A well-known insider Ice Universe assured that this technology is not yet ready, so the release of smartphones with graphene batteries is impossible.

What they say

Employees of that very division of Huawei throughThey said that the information they published was just a rumor. Their words were confirmed by the vice president of the Huawei mobile phone line, Li Xiao Long: the post was indeed false.

Industry experts predict that the first graphene batteries in smartphones will appear at best in 2021.

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