Officially: the Chinese company Vivo enters the Ukrainian market

Yesterday, a rumor appeared in the network that the Chinese smartphone maker Vivo enters the Ukrainian market,

and today the company has officially confirmed this information.

What is known

Vivo has already launched the Ukrainian site and is gaining inyour Kiev office staff. Ukraine became the first country in Europe, where the company went. This is not surprising, because our market is very promising and therefore it can become a springboard for the release of a Chinese brand in other European countries.

What smartphones wait

According to the official website, five smartphones will be released in Ukraine at once: budget vivo Y15, Vivo Y93 Lite, Vivo Y17, Vivo Y91C and the average budget Vivo V15 Pro.

If you, suddenly, did not know

Vivo was founded in 2009 andIt is part of BBK Corporation, which also includes manufacturers of OPPO and OnePlus smartphones. The share of the global Vivo market is about 7%, thanks to which the company ranks 5th in the global ranking. She has more than 200 million users worldwide. The manufacturer owns 6 research centers and 4 factories, which are located in China, India and Indonesia.

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Vivo is coming!

Vivo Communication Technology Co. Ltd.-Chinese company, one of the holy leaders in the category of smartphones. The vivo brand likened close to 7% of the global market, more than 200 million koristuvach. Vivo trivaliy hour is not small presence at the top of the market, protest Chinese market nastіlki єmkiy, sci liderskі positions there (vivo to enter the top 3, according to the results of 2018 rokuyuє 2 min_tse) allow talking about leadership scale. The company sold more than 600 million telephones, which allowed it to be listed in the global rating. Цьогоріч розпочалася active ekspansіya on Europeanski Rinki. “Ukraine has become the first country of Europe, Kudi has come a company. Ukrainian Rynok is promising for us, and it can also be a bridgehead for the headquarters, which can be done all over the country for Europe, to lead the communist and news agency about the new products of the company. We have become the first brand in the world, a smart phone with a smartphone with a special microchip for vivedeni sound in Hi-Fi mode. For an hour, the vivo X5 MAX vpusku model, the smartphone, broke the record, making it the most beautiful one. We were the first to launch a smartphone from the front camera at 24 MP. In addition, in vivo, the APEX is the first smartphone with a smartphone with ScanScan technology and a fingertip, which is suitable for any part of the bottom half of the display, Technology that plays sound from a wide range, and it has a different pattern. Mi pragnemo clear and divinely creative. Missia vivo - ask for trends and robots of our lives, which are of the highest quality, in advance of innovative technologies, ”- representative of HQ.

Dovidka: vivo brand is subject to the BBK corporations. The company was established in 2009 in China, and already from 2014, an outlook on international markets was promoted. Kompanіya Volodіє 6 naukovo-doslіdnitskimi centers and 4 factories, 2 of them rozashovano in China, one by one - in India and Indonesia.