Old song with a modern twist: Google Keep note service

Surely some of you managed to forget about the existence of Notebook notes service, which was closed in spring 2011

year (yes, during that same “spring stripping”). Today, the Internet giant has launched it again, but already completely rethought and under a new name Google keep (by the way, sounds very good!). It's time to learn what's new brought Keep integrated into Google Drive.

The service is free, has a very niceminimalist interface and allows users to make text (both manually and voice), voice notes and lists with the ability to add images, read and edit recordings from any devices on Google Drive. Android users (fans of iOS and Windows Phone will probably have to wait), in turn, can download the application to work with the new service on Google Play (although Android version 4.0 or later is required). By the way, some people call it a direct competitor to Evernote, but I would not be in a hurry to say that, because the functionality of the new product is too simple compared to advanced Evernote.