Older iPhones lose Apple Internet and services: what to do about it

Apple recently warned owners of smartphones and tablets released before 2012:

about the need to update your gadgets before November 3. If you haven’t managed to do this, we’ll tell you what to do now.

Why and who should update?

This applies to iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, first-generation iPad mini, and second-, third-, and fourth-generation iPads. iOS needed to be updated to version 10.3.4 or 9.3.6 depending on the model.

This is due to the problem of GPS time transfer,which began affecting third-party GPS-enabled products on April 6th. Without the update, the gadget will not be able to display geolocation correctly, and because of this, the Internet connection will be lost, email, AppStore and iCloud applications will stop working.

What to do

If you haven't managed to update, you'll have towork hard. It is impossible to install the update over the wireless Internet, so to install iOS 10.3.4 you need to back up your data and then restore it using a Mac or Windows computer.

  • Connect iPhone 5 to your computer via wire and open iTunes;
  • Save the backup by clicking the "Create backup now" button;
  • Turn off the iPhone, hold the power button;
  • Press and hold the Power and Home buttons for 5 seconds;
  • Release the Power button and hold the Home button for about 10 more seconds until a notification appears indicating that DFU mode has been successfully activated;
  • In the iTunes interface, select “Restore iPhone...” and confirm the procedure;
  • Restore the backup you saved earlier.

If you cannot bring your smartphone or tablet back to life, you will have to contact a service center for help.

Install iOS 9.3.6. possible via a wireless Internet connection.