Teppen, a card game featuring heroes from the Capcom universe, has been released on Android and iOS

Capcom teamed up with GungHo to announce a mobile card game called Teppen.

What is known

According to the plot,

the heroes of the Capcom universe found themselves in the Land of Illusions,where they must fight in search of answers. In Teppen, gamers are treated to card battles in real time, where they need to not only build a strategy, but also act quickly. The player will have cards at his disposal that he can use in battle, spending energy in the process.

Similar mechanics have already been implemented in SouthPark: Phone Destroyer, but this time the fighters are characters from the Capcom universe. Thus, characters from Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Mega Man and Darkstalkers burst into the fray.

The developers promise to add more content to Teppen with updates and have even proclaimed the project as “the card game that will beat all other card games.”

Teppen has already been released for Android and iOS, but, unfortunately, is not yet available in Ukraine.