On Jupiter found a heat wave ten times larger than the Earth

Researchers have discovered that in the atmosphere of Jupiter, a giant heat wave its size is 10 times the diameter

Earth, and it moves at a speed of several thousand km / h. The results of the work were presented at the Europlanetary Science Congress (EPSC).

Jupiter's atmosphere, known for its characteristiccolorful swirls, very hot, scientists say. It is located millions of kilometers from Earth and receives about 4% of the solar energy that reaches our planet. Theoretical models show that Jupiter's upper atmosphere should be cooled down to -70°C. In fact, the tops of the clouds are heated to temperatures in excess of 400°C.

Just like on Earth, Jupiter has auroras.But if on our planet they are short-lived, then there they exist permanently, but change their intensity depending on the solar wind. Researchers believe that it is the auroras that can heat the region around the poles to more than 700 ° C, and global winds can redistribute heat around the world around Jupiter.

In their new work, they managed to discover one of thesuch heat waves directly under the northern lights. It is a stream heated to 700°C, which extends upwards for 130 thousand km and moves at a speed of several thousand km/h towards the equator.

The researchers believe that this wave wascreated by a pulse of enhanced solar wind plasma colliding with Jupiter's magnetic field. It caused an increase in the aurora and caused hot gases to expand and "splash" towards the equator.

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