On September 27, the DART probe will crash into an asteroid - this is the first test of protecting the Earth from space objects

The space agency NASA said that in a month the DART space probe will collide with an asteroid for the first time.

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DART is an acronym for Double Asteroidredirect test. September 27 at 02:14 (EET) it will crash into an asteroid. This will be the first test of Earth's defense against comic objects. The test will assess whether a space probe can collide with asteroids in an unmanned mode.

NASA says that as a result of the collisionthe data necessary to prepare for the defense of the Earthb in the event of the discovery of an asteroid that will pose a real threat to our planet will be obtained. Now the probe is orbiting the double asteroid Didymos and Dimorphos and will collide with the second. Dimorph's orbit is expected to deviate by less than 1% as a result of the impact, but this will be enough for scientists on Earth to detect the deviation with telescopes.

DART went into space in late autumn 2021using a Falcon 9 rocket. In outer space, the probe separated from the rocket and headed towards the asteroid. As part of the mission, scientists want to develop a technique with which it will be possible to change the trajectory of asteroids dangerous for the Earth.

Image: NASA