On smartphones OnePlus will appear the function of "smart" charging to save the "life" of the battery

OnePlus has announced a new feature for its smartphones called Optimized Charging.

How it works

New option to extend service life.batteries that wear out over time. And this goal is achieved by limiting the time that a fully charged battery spends on charging.

Simply put, we all leave the smartphone onnight on charge, and sometimes day and night we forget that the gadget is connected to an outlet. As a result, a battery with a 100% charge spends several hours at the wire, and this is precisely what strikes the most in the duration of its “life”.

But OnePlus has developed a system that willslow down charging when the battery is 80% charged so that the battery reaches 100% in time for the user to remove the smartphone from charge. To do this, the system needs to analyze the calendar, alarm clock, etc.

For example, the owner of a gadget wakes up to workat 7:00, and puts it on charge at 22:00. When the charge reaches the 80% mark, charging will automatically slow down. A fully charged smartphone will be in time at 7 a.m.

In the future, OnePlus hopes to improve its forecasts, taking into account the time of waking up on weekends and even changing time zones.

When and where will appear

Users will be able to disable the function in the settings. You can also cancel the sparing mode right during charging.

The announcement of OnePlus does not indicate exactly when thisthe function will appear and on which phones will be available. But the smart charging option is already being tested in the beta version of the Oxygen OS Open Beta 7 firmware on OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro smartphones.

By the way, the same function is already on smartphones Apple (iOS 13) and ASUS.

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